Safety Instructions for Jewellery

Of course the pretty pieces we buy are close to our heart and should have a good longevity for us to adorn them for a really long time. There are some basic care instructions we would want you to follow to achieve the same.

  1. Do not wear on too much sweat.
  2. Wipe away sweat after use with a proper cotton cloth
  3. Do not apply cosmetics or perfume/hair spray on the Jewellery
  4. Store in a dry place. Preferably in an air tight plastic box. Do NOT use VELVET BOXES or CLOTHES to store artificial jewellery.
  5. Separation is necessary. Do not mix too many jewellery on the same box without air tight covers.
  6. Never apply nail polish coats on your jewellery. There are too many online recommendations about the same, but please don’t do it.
  7. Clean your jewellery after using it
  8. Don’t sleep, workout, cook, and bath or swim wearing artificial jewellery.