International Customers




Our payment gateway accepts all major international cards. Please do let us know if you’re facing any issue using your card, wewill be happy to help you out.

But if you wish to make a non-card payment create an account on our webpage, add your products to the cart, choose your shipping method and send us the screenshots of the entire cart to our WhatsApp number – 91-9962979994. We will help you out on the payment options.

And once the payment is received by us, we will mail you the invoice and we shall proceed to shipping accordingly. We do not ship on all days. The shipping is done only on certain days of the week. If it’s urgent please be sure to mention the same on what’s app as well.

Non-card payment options:

  1. Xoom, Remitly
  2. BankTransfer
  3. PayPal (Commission applicable)
  4. Western Union (to bank transfer)

Shipping Charges:

Shipping for 0.5kg would be Rs.2000 across the globe through either FedEx/DHL depending on the country. Additional charges applicable if the weight exceeds. Order receiving time will range from 3 to 7 days excluding holidays and weekends.




We have been undertaking bulk orders for a while for Navratri, Christmas, Bridesmaids squad, Wedding guests, Baby shower, Birthday Parties, College send-off, School send-off, Bachelorette party, etc. Some questions and their answers below

  1. What quantity will be considered as bulk order?

Half dozen and above


  1. Can we order from the website?

If the required quantity is available on the website please feel free to. But as far as return gifts and bulk orders are concerned it is better to whats app us @91-9962979994 to check out all options.


  1. What all occasions are served?

We have been typically looped in for return gifts for guests on marriage occasions, return gifts on parties, Bridesmaids gifts, Alumni gifts, dance school students passing out gifts, Lakshmi viratham, nombu, navrathri gifts, diwali return gifts and anything bulk (atleast 6 to 10 pieces) for that matter


  1. Do we send overseas?

Most of our bulk order shipments are from overseas. We do ship INTERNATIONALLY. Please plan your time ahead so we can source pack beautifully and send it across


  1. How about packaging?

We can customize and pack if you can bear the charges. As with regards to packing, we do it at wholesale prices, so you can be assured of cost cutting on it. Courier parcels we take care ourselves. We ensure to triple check on damages and pack them well


  1. What budget jewelry is available?

We plan and provide it on ur budget. The minimum budget it can start is from Rs.100.



We are not manufacturers to manufacture any kind of jewellery. But we do offer jewellery matching and sourcing services if there is a specific request from your end. Feel free to what’s app @ 91-9962979994 us on any such requests.